Municipal Court

The Regional Center Municipal Court was created and established in 2005.  The Municipal Court became operative on July 1, 2005.  In addition, a Court Commission was created and establish and was designated the "Regional Center Court Commission."  The Court Commission consists of 1 member from each of the 6 communities involved in the Municipal Court and 1 rotating member for the purpose of voting and tie-breaks.  The communities involved in the Municipal Court are the City of Elroy, with administrator Mark Steward serving on the Commission, the Village of Kendall, the Village of Ontario, the Village of Wonewoc, the Village of Union Center, and the City of Hillsboro.

The Municipal Court is under the jurisdiction of, and presided over by, a Municipal Judge, who shall reside in the municipal limits of the respective municipality, and should have a general understanding of the requirements of a Municipal Judge and shall not be an employee of the municipality, an elected or appointed official, board member, committee member, or an accountant or attorney who represents the municipality or its commissions or boards; or any of their immediate family members who reside within any of the municipalities.  The position of Municipal Judge is an elected position with a term of 2 years.

For information on Policies and Procedures concerning Municipal Citations and for information on court appearances,  paying fines, or making payment arrangements click on the link below.