Pet Licensing




Dog Licensing:

Please remember that all dogs in the City of Elroy must be licensed.   To avoid paying a $15.00 late fee, all dogs must be licensed before April 1st.  Starting December 15, 2021 all dogs in the City of Elroy will be licensed through the Juneau County Clerk. To license your dog you can either appear in person at the clerk's office in Mauston, fill out and mail in the registration form, or go online at the link provided here. Proof of rabies vaccinations are required for any dog over 5 months of age and must be provided to the clerk at the time of registration.  The fee to license a spayed or neutered dog is $12.00.  Dogs who are un-altered are $15.00 each. Multi-dog licenses for 3-12 dogs are $35.00 but will also require a multiple dog license that has to be applied for and approved by common council of the City of Elroy before licensing at the county.  This fee is in addition to the fee from the county. See restrictions on number of dogs for more information on multiple dog licenses.

Restrictions on Number of Dogs and Cats:

It is unlawful to own, harbor, or keep more than two dogs and two cats except for a litter of puppies or kittens which may be kept for not more than ten weeks from their birth.  Owners having three dogs and cats registered with the City of Elroy before June 20, 2002, may continue to keep such animals.  However, animals exceeding the prescribed limits shall not be replaced.  Authorized kennels are also exempt from this limit.  Kennel/Multiple dog licenses are required for persons with three or more dogs.  The price of a kennel/multiple dog license is $100.00 for three dogs and an additional $10.00 for each dog over three. There is a maximum number of five kennel licenses that will be granted in the City of Elroy.  A kennel can only be located in a commercial or industrial zoned district in the City of Elroy.  After the maximum number has been reached, no additional kennel licenses shall be issued unless an existing license is surrendered.  There is no maximum number of multiple dog licenses allowed, but each shall be evaluated on an individual basis and brought to the common council for approval. Upon application there will be a public hearing of the common council at which time they will consider the proposed location of the home/kennel, construction plans, comments and concerns of neighbors and recommendations of the official designated by the city to investigate kennel/multiple dog license application. In addition to paying the kennel fee/multiple dog license fee, applicants will also be required to license each dog at the Juneau County Clerk's Office. If you have any questions, please call City Hall at 462-2400.