Information for City of Elroy Residents

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage bag weight can not exceed 50lbs.  Limit of 5 bags of garbage per week.



Customer Bill of Rights

The City of Elroy Electric & Water Utility is governed by rules and regulations set by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.  The PSC has established a bill of rights for customers of the utility.

Building Permits

The paperwork needed to obtain a building permit is available at City Hall. If you have questions about building permits you may call the building inspector, Jeremy Phillis at (608) 697-7807 or City Hall at (608) 462-2400.

Utility Rates

The City of Elroy Electric & Water Utility is municipally owned which allows the rates to be more competitive than privately owned utilities.

Application for Utility Service

An application for utility service must be submitted in person at City Hall located at 1717 Omaha Street, between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  A valid Wisconsin Drivers License or Social Security card must be presented to verify identity.  An application for utility service must be completed even when moving between properties located within the City of Elroy.

Discontinue Utility Service

If you wish to discontinue your utility service with the City of Elroy please contact Amy or Carole at (608) 462-2400.  Please be prepared to furnish a forwarding address for your final utility bill.

Installment Plans for Overdue Bills

You may use installment plans to pay what you owe your utility. They can be used for both current bills and overdue bills. A down payment and installment payments will be negotiated between you and your utility depanding on your situation. If the agreed installment plans are not paid, the utility may disconnect your service. If there is a medical emergency or other crisis that that prohibits you from making your payment, the utility may delay service disconnection for up to 21 days. The utility may require documentation from a professional involved with the medical emergency or crisis.