The Juneau County Omaha Trail

The twelve and a half mile Omaha Trail is the most peaceful and secluded.  This scenic seal coated trail features an 875 foot tunnel.  Opened in the Spring of 1992, the Omaha Trail is on what was once the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad line. 

Trail Fees Are Required
Trail passes are required for bikers 16 years of age and older.  A daily trail pass is $4.00 and an annual pass is $10.00.  These fees are for the Omaha Trail only.  If you want to ride any other State Trail you will have to buy an additional pass.  Those fees are $4.00 for a daily pass and $10.00 for an annual pass. Trail passes are available for purchase at The Elroy Commons.

For more information on the Juneau County Omaha Trail click here.